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We're proud to bring a selection of the most exciting and high-quality beer from around the globe here to AVL. This curated list represents nearly a decade of friendship and camaraderie in the beer industry. This year, we're excited to introduce many new friends who have impressed us with their craftsmanship.

Please note, beers are subject to change depending on availability.

monterrey, ca

Double Howzit Punch - 8.0%
Imperial POG Sour

portland, me

Here's to Feeling Good
All the Time - 7.8%

Double IPA hopped with Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Vic Secret

maryville, tn

Country Lager - 5.5%

asheville, nc

The Whole Bush - 6.9%
Cider with Blueberries, Blueberry Wood, and Blueberry Leaves

Lachute, QC

Cocotte - 6.6%
Fresh Hopped Hazy IPA

philadelphia, pa

Bindle - 5.0%
German Pilsner

San Francisco, ca

Mt Nelson - 5.7%
Hazy West Coast Pale Ale

asheville, nc

Shibui - 4.5%
Oak Rested Pilsner

Denver, co

Incognito Mode - 6.4%

Pittsburgh, pa

HAHPS - 7.0%
West Coast IPA

jupiter, fl

$eeing Green - 9.0%
Double IPA

seattle, wa

Happy Little Clouds - 5.3%
Contemporary American-Style Pilsner

Denver, co

Cohesion Tmavé 14° - 5.0%
Tmavé Specialní Pivo

Athens, ga

Goed Cold Bier - 5.1%
Belgian-Style Pilsner

asheville, nc

Corporate Brutality - 8.0%
West Coast DIPA

greenville, sc

Cold Fish - 4.9%
Czech Pale Lager Dry-Hopped with Anchovy Hops

morganton, nc

Pap Pap's Salted Lager - 6.0%
Dortmunder-Style Lagerbier w/ Ancient Appalachian Sea Salt

Duluth, ga

Die Todd Die - 5.0%
German Pilsner

orange, ca
atlanta, ga

Whole Cone
Märzen Lager - 5.5%

Seasonal Lager

asheville, nc

Festbier - 6.2%
German Pale Lager

los ángeles, ca

Timbo Pils - 5.8%
West Coast Pilsner

seattle, wa

The Goat - 4.7%
Foudre-Aged Rustic Brett Saison

los ángeles, ca
beacon, ny

Ultrasphere - 6.0%
Sour IPA with Raspberry & Vanilla

philadelphia, pa

Hallertau Pils - 5.2%
German Pilsner

beacon, ny

Autumn Landscape - 5.4%
100% NY State Festbier

Miami, fl
atlanta, ga

RTJX - 6.5%
Southern IPA

cleveland, oh

We Don't Rat, We Don't Run 2022 - 14%
Foeder-Aged Solera Barleywine

pensacola, fl

Moonbeam - 5.2%
Czech Dark Lager

Brooklyn, ny

All Nectaron Everything - 8.5%
Imperial IPA

Denver, co

Biere Ovale - 4.9%
Foeder Mix Culture Saison

Austin, tx

Fresh Hop Training Bines - 7.0%
Fresh Hop IPA

longmont, co

The Slow Burn - 10.0%
Spontaneous Beer (M.T.) & Malbec Wine Hybrid

Charlotte, nc

Frischbier - 5.5%
Wet-Hopped Märzen Lager

Charlotte, nc
littleton, nh

Karl 13º - 5.2%
Czech-Style Dark Lager

Atlantic City, nj

A World Without End - 5.4%
Mixed Culture Saison conditioned on spent Blackberries and Raspberries

Brooklyn, ny

Foretold - 5.3%
13º Czech Amber Lager

canton, ma

Deciduous - 5.5%
Hoppy Rice Lager

Doral, fl

Paloma Route - 6.0%
Sour Ale

Denver, co

Kinds of Light: Plum - 5.2%
Mixed Culture Ale aged on Colorado Plums

savannah, ga

Bloop - 5.0%
Blue Raz & Coconut Sour Ale

Scituate, ma

West Coast Road Trip - 7.0%
West Coast IPA

asheville, nc

Rosé - 13.0%
Cab Franc,
Grenache, Syrach

weymouth, ma

Double Autumn - 8.0%
Double New England IPA

asheville, nc

Red Angel - 5.7%
Barrel-Aged American Sour Ale with Raspberries

Wolcott, vt

Gösts - 5.8%
Seance-style Mixed Culture Smoke Beer

knoxville, tn

PB&J Mixtape: Strawberry - 6.5%
Gluten-Free Sour

asheville, nc

Skibsol - 3.7%
Danish Smoked Ship's Beer

Burial Beer Co.

Burnpile releases

We'll have more beer releases for Burnpile 2023 than we ever have before.
Stay tuned for a complete list coming soon.



Just Because Mock
Ritualistic Mock

VIP Exclusives

There will be one pouring station at the festival dedicated to VIP-exclusive draft pours. VIP ticket holders will also have access to free full pours of Shadowclock at anytime during the festival.

To-Go VIP Bottles

  • Just Because We Didn’t Want to and Not Because We Couldn’t
    Cuvée of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine Ale. 14%.
  • Ritualistic Projections of Authenticity
    Cuvée of Barrel-Aged Golden Sour Ales with Mango, Peach, and Blueberry. 6.5%.