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Tickets for Burnpile 2022 are officially sold out. We can't wait to see you on the 15th! Sign up for our Burnpile mailing list for updates on next year's event.

We're proud to bring a selection of the most exciting and high-quality beer from around the globe here to AVL. This curated list represents nearly a decade of friendship and camaraderie in the beer industry. Please note, beers are subject to change depending on availability.

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18th Street Brewery
Indianapolis, IN

Pouring: Syrah | Barrel Aged Wild Ale Conditioned on Whole Cluster Syrah Grapes | 8.7 %

Alvarado Street Brewery
Monterey, CA

Pouring: Digital Bliss | Barrel Aged Stout | 13%

BarrieHaus Beer Co.
Tampa, FL

Pouring: Oktoberfest Marzen | Lager | 5.8%

Barrier Brewing Co.

Oceanside, NY

Pouring: The Carver | Ale brewed with Pumpkin, All Spice, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Ginger. | 6%

Bellflower Brewing Company
Portland, ME

Pouring: Hidden Vine | Wild Ale with Sauvignon Blanc Grapes | 6.7%

Bellwoods Brewery
Toronto, Ontario

Pouring: Jelly King with Raspberry & Peach | Dry Hopped Sour with Fruit | 5.6%

Birds Fly South Ale Project
Greenville, SC

Pouring: Cobb Bridge | Foraged Wild Ale | 6%

BKS Artisan Ales
Kansas City, MO

Pouring: Galactic Escapism (Pink Label)  | Hazy Double IPA | 8.8%

Blackberry Farm Brewery
Maryville, TN

Pouring: King Of Falling Fruit | Fruited Wild Ale | 7.5%

Botanist and Barrel
Asheville, NC

Pouring: Question the Convention | A cider/ orange wine spritz | 5%

Bottle Logic Brewing
Anaheim, CA

Pouring: Continuous Ignition | Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Caramel Rye Imperial Stout | 12%

Cellarest Beer Project
Asheville, NC

Pouring: 19° | Oak Matured Doppelbock | 7.8%

Cellarmaker Brewing Co.
San Francisco, CA

Pouring: Syrah | Barrel Aged Wild Ale Conditioned on Whole Cluster Syrah Grapes | 8.7 %

Cinderlands Beer Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

Pouring: Hill & Hollow: Cherry (2021) | Brett foeder saison re-fermented with sweet and tart cherries | 6.2%

Civil Society Brewing
Jupiter, FL

Pouring: Chicken Tendie Sub | DIPA | 9.5%


Cloudburst Brewing
Seattle, WA

Pouring: Wet Hop IPA | 6.7%


Creature Comforts
Athens, GA

Pouring: Silent World | Black Lager | 5%

Asheville, NC

Pouring: Burial Collaboration | Session IPA w/ Marigold Flowers | 5.5%

Eagle Rock Brewery
Los Angeles, CA

Pouring: Amwolf | German-style Pilsner | 4.8%

Eighth State
Greenville, SC

Pouring: Dream Factory | Imperial Stout | 13%

Five Wits Brewing Company
Chattanooga, TN

Pouring: Five Wits Autumn Lager | Belgo-German Amber Lager | 6%

Fonta Flora Brewery
Morganton, NC

Pouring: Coming soon!


Fremont Brewery
Seattle, WA

Pouring: Party Like | Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee, Chiles, Cacao and Cinnamon | 13.8%

Green Cheek Beer Co.
Orange, CA

Pouring: Coming soon!

Halfway Crooks Beer
Atlanta, GA

Pouring: Fest Marzen (Whole Cone Hop) | German-style Seasonal Lager | 5.4%

Hi-Wire Brewing
Asheville, NC

Pouring: Barrel Aged Lager | Amber Lager | 7.2%

Highland Park Brewery
Los Angeles, CA

Pouring: Timbo Pils | West Coast Pilsner | 5.8%

Holy Mountain
Seattle, WA

Pouring: Before The Sun Dies | Fresh Hop Foudre Saison | 5.50%

Horus Aged Ales
Oceanside, CA

Pouring:  Proper Dose | Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnuts, and Vanilla | 13.9%

Hudson Valley Brewery
Beacon, NY

Pouring: Domicile | Sour IPA | 6%

Human Robot Beer
Philadelphia, PA

Pouring: Hallertau Pils | Lager | 5.2%

Industrial Arts
Garnerville, NY

Pouring: Autumn Landscape | Festbier, brewed with 100% NY-grown ingredients | 5.9%

Interboro Spirits & Ales
Brooklyn, NY

Pouring: Fest Bier | Fest Lager | 5%

J. Wakefield Brewing
Miami, FL

Pouring: 2022 Big Poppa | Imperial Stout | 13%


Keeping Together
Chicago, IL

Pouring: Watching the Mind Watching the Body | Mixed Culture Saison made with Pear, Chaat Masala, and Honey | 7.8%

Monday Night Brewing
Atlanta, GA

Pouring: Tie XI On | Barrel Aged Strong Ale finished on Amburana Wood and Vanilla Beans | 12.5%

Torrence, CA

Pouring: Vanilla Foggier Window | DDH DIPA w/ Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, and Ugandan and Mexican Vanilla Beans  | 8.10%

Odd Colony
Pensacola, FL

Pouring: Basement Grapes | Local Scuppernong Saison | 6.2%

Other Half Brewing
Brooklyn, NY

Pouring: DDH Broccoli | Double IPA | 7.9%

Our Mutual Friend
Denver, CO

Pouring: Gratitude 9 | Brett Saison with Lingonberry | 6%


Newcastle, ME

Pouring: Low Bush | Mixed-fermentation farmhouse ale with blueberries | 6%

Pinthouse Brewing
Austin, TX

Pouring: Fresh Drops - Fresh Hop IPA | Fresh Hop IPA | 6.8%

Resident Culture
Charlotte, NC

Pouring: Define Success with Vanilla | Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged on Amburana wood and conditioned on vanilla | 13.5%

Salud Cerveceria
Charlotte, NC

Pouring: La Mesita | 2 Year Foeder aged Sour Table Beer | 4.5%

Schilling Beer Co.
Littleton, NH

Pouring: Brennen | Foeder-lagered Smoked Bock | 6.9%

The Seed
Atlantic City, NJ

Pouring: All Things Grow | Little Lager w/ Aged hops and flowers | 3.8%

Southern Grist
Nashville, TN

Pouring: Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler | Fruited Sour | 6%

Threes Brewing
Brooklyn, NY

Pouring: Stasis | Foudre Aged Altbier | 4.6%

Trillium Brewing
Canton, MA

Pouring: Pinot Gris | Double IPA brewed with Pinot Gris juice | 8.5%

Tripping Animals
Miami, FL

Pouring: Strawberry POW | Soda Sour | 6%

TRVE Brewing Company
Denver, CO

Pouring: Distant Seasons | Mixed culture ale with birch staves, juniper berries and branches, and kelp powder. | 5.7%

Two Tides Brewing
Savannah, GA

Pouring: Smol | Citra Table Pale | 3.5%

Untold Brewing
Scituate, MA

Pouring: Winter Song | Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Ale | 10.8%

Vitamin Sea Brewing
Weymouth, MA

Pouring: Pacific Vibrations | Hazy IPA | 7%

Xul Beer Company
Knoxville, TN

Pouring: BA Das Cake | Barrel Aged Stout | 13%

Zillicoah Beer Company
Asheville, NC

Pouring: Festbier

Burial Beer Co.

Burnpile releases

We'll have eight special releases for Burnpile 2022. Stay tuned for a complete list coming soon.

VISUALS wine will be pouring:
In The Fog Natural Cider
Perpetually Toiling on the Moon Cider with Osmanthus Flowers
Drift Like Petals on the Hillside Wine Spritz
Slip Into Solitude Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Illuminate The Sky Rosé of Montepulciano 2021
Bleeding Into Ubiquity Fortified Wine



VIP Exclusives

There will be one pouring station at the festival dedicated to VIP-exclusive draft pours.

To-Go VIP Bottles

  • A Mere Impulse Filtered As Thought 
Cuvee of Dark Sour Ales with Blackberries, Cherries, and Peaches - 500ml Bottle
  • This Rolling Hellbroth of Suppressed Confusion 
Cuvee of Imperial Stout and Barleywine - 500ml Bottle